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Xuan Mai Investment and Construction Corporation, formerly known as Xuan Mai Concrete Panels Factory was founded on November 29th, 1983 by Decision No. 1434-BXD/DOP of the Ministry of Construction and built with Russian technology and support. Since the beginning, it was a large scale fully equipped factory for high span concrete components for civil constructions in the Hanoi area.


Xuan Mai Concrete Factory was renamed Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Factory and became a member company under the Vietnam Construction and Import - Export JSC on December, 06th, 1996 by Decision No. 1049 BXD/TCLĐ of the Ministry of Construction.

The Company passed and agreement with French firm Saret International to acquire a production line for PPB pre-tensioning short-span concrete slabs for houses construction.


Under the direction of the Ministry of Construction, Xuan Mai partnered with the Belgian firm Ronveaux for a production line  long-span precast pre-stressed pre-tensioning reinforced concrete components for high-rise apartment buildings, industrial factories, public works and traffic infrastructures. The precast concrete components possess many outstanding features such as high durability, low maintenance cost, can be used to create large space inside buildings, as such, they give architecture designers more choices and reduce the cost of construction.


The company went through equitization process and was renamed Vinaconex Xuan Mai Concrete and Construction Company by Decision No. 1434 / QD-BXD of the Ministry of Construction.


Xuan Mai became the first and sole enterprise in the Vietnamese construction sector to earn a State Science and Technology Prize for the Application of precast pre-stressed pre-tensioning concrete components in Vietnamese construction market.


The company was listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange and 10 millions of its shares were traded (stock code XMC). It was later awarded the "Reputed Stock Trademark" prizes in 2008 and 2010.


Adapting the corporation model with several specialized subsidiaries, the company aimed to improved itself in order to achieve a better position on the market.


The company achieved 2nd best yearly revenue and profits among Vinaconex Corporation's members  and received a Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister and Second Order Labor Medal from the President.


Upon the General Assembly of Shareholders' approval, all Vinaconex Corporation's 10,200,000 Vinaconex Xuan Mai Shares were transferred to Khai Hung Co., Ltd. .


On April 21st, 2014, the company officially changed its name to Xuan Mai Investment and Construction Corporation (Abbreviation: Xuan Mai Corporation).

Associated with German firm Rieckerman to acquire the Acotec hollow core wall panel technology from Elemantic (Finland). The first production chain was implemented using Spanish firm Frumecar's batching plant. Xuan Mai Corp is the first enterprise to produce and apply Acotec wall panels in construction works, a solution with many advantages such as time and labor saving, ecofriendly...

Successfully applied the F4 construction technology, reaching a rate of 3 days/floor (Video of the technology). Meanwhile Xuan Mai has finished its second Acotec wall panels factory and has plan to invest on the third and fourth production chain to meet the increasing market demands.

Through over years of growths and and changes, the company has improved itself over time and affirmed its capacity, prestige and position in the Vietnamese construction market. Thanks to its ample experience in years of research and application, Xuan Mai Corp is a local leader at applying advanced technology and materials using precast concrete in the Vietnamese construction sector. We always emphasize our research and development for better technology to become a leading EPC contractor and a prestigious real estate investor.